• He demonstrates his unwavering passion for helping others see and learn the value of a life in water.

  • Martin is able to break the skills of swimming into smaller parts and that allows him to focus on the individual needs of each person that he works with.

  • I made most of my personal shifts in mentality after he picked my mind and applied his full experience to my goals.#coachofmylife #brutallyunique

  • School of fish gave me more than just the ability to swim, it gave me a love for the sport and a family of friends.

  • Martin's kaleidoscope of colour, quirky sense of humour bely a steely resolve in competition, technical excellence and years of experience.

  • Martin doesn't teach them to be faster. He taught them to pay attention to technique and develop their skills. Speed and confidence was the by-product of these powerful life lessons.

  • Martin is an outstanding coach and swim teacher who has a unique ability to draw the absolute best from both a swimming novice or an elite swim athlete.

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