Course 1 – Starfish, Seahorse & Seal

This is the first of two courses that teach through the School of Fish swimming method. Course 1 focuses on the building blocks needed for a beginner through the Starfish, Seahorse and Seal Levels.

The School of Fish progression (Course 1&2) looks at the learning and teaching in its entirety from a non-swimmer with no water confidence right through to an efficient swimmer mastering all strokes. What sets this approach apart is that the swimming strokes are introduced at different levels and then built in conjunction with each other rather than separately. All videos include faults, how to recognise them and how to fix them. The School of fish method is extremely useful for any swimmer, teacher and parent wanting the ‘whole picture’ when it comes to swimming.

Until the 23rd March 2020, this course is offered on Udemy for USD 14.99 which is 50% off the normal price. Please find the Course Here